Raised Access Flooring

Access Floor

Removable square tiles providing plenum for air to circulate below the floor as part of the air conditioning system, as well as to process piping, power wiring and data cabling.

Understructure systems to accommodate floor heights from 12” to 60”, however, 24” to 36” FFH are typical.

Uniflair allows customization of the finishing of the panels according to the most diverse requirements, satisfying the choices of the client from an extensive range of finishes available today, so rendering every access floor unique. The vast choice includes: hard plastic laminates, vinyls, linoleum and rubber, carpets and parquets, natural stone, reconstituted stone, glazed grès, resin, steel and glass

Support structure

The galvanized steel supports, available in different heights from 30 cm to more than 150 cm, consist of a circular base welded to a tube and coupled with a head connected to a threaded crossbar. A nut allows for easy regulation of the height. The steel frames are secured above the supports; they are the support grid for the panels and they increase the mechanical resistance and the total stability of the floor.

The support heads and the steel frames are designed to be mechanically fastened to each other anywhere along the perimeter by means of hammerhead screws. This allows for the positioning of supports at distances higher than 60 cm and provides more freedom in installing any data center system in the underfloor plenum. Special sound-proofing gaskets on the stringers provide major adhesion of the panels to the structure.



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